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The end of the world

as I have known it and devoted myself to it:



Wherefore art thou Chant?

It never occurred to me until reading this essay that Chant wasn't the established norm of liturgy prior to Vatican II. That means that the reform of the reform is not a restoration of something that was...it's a finally establishing something that's never had its moment under the sun. This essay makes me think that giving Chant its pride of place would actually be something very, very NEW-- rather than the reassertion of something archaic. Read it here:


Msgr.Pope also busts some myths regarding liturgical continuity in the papacies prior to Paul VI:


Meanwhile this article busts some myths in the reactions to the recent motu proprio:


Mind. Blown.


Helpers abound

My brother has posted an impassioned reflection at the Jesuit Post. One line struck me as so many are facing the devastation wrought by forces of nature:

Suffering is a disdainfully common part of the human condition. Women bear children, farmers labor in fields, and patients endure chemotherapy. Sometimes in the midst of suffering, humans cry out to God in desperation. When I encounter suffering, I often feel like I’m wading into deep, muddy water. I cannot see or feel love because I’m terrified. 
I know that the Gospels say that God is love, but I have learned that God’s being love does not make suffering any less terrifying. Which is not to say that it is irrelevant that God is love – it is to say that it means something different. 
It means that, if I surrender control, there is a chance that love can transform suffering into something bearable. This is, in fact, what the word “suffering” etymologically means: “to bear up under.” In this sense, love is the muddy water, but I no longer have to wade. Instead it bears me up. And in the very moment I am swept up, I float. I am not alone. I am never alone.  

I hope all those suffering from floodwaters or fires or terminal illness or whatever they face this side of the Fall can lean on that trust, knowing they are not alone. "Look for the helpers," his mother told Mister Rogers when he was young. God sends us helpers, notably our Guardian Angels. It was the helpers running towards the Twin Towers whose sacrifice inspires us today.


Prayer in Fatima

Refrain (sung by the assembly):
Ave O Clemens, Ave O pia!
Salve Regina Rosarii Fatimae.
Ave O clemens, Ave O pia!
Ave O dulcis Virgo Maria!
The Holy Father:
Hail, Mother of Mercy,
Lady robed in white!
In this place where, a hundred years ago
you made known to all the purposes of God’s mercy,
I gaze at your robe of light
and, as a bishop robed in white,
I call to mind all those who,
robed in the splendour of their baptism,
desire to live in God
and tell the mysteries of Christ in order to obtain peace.
The Holy Father:
Hail, life and sweetness,
Hail, our hope,
O Pilgrim Virgin, O Universal Queen!
In the depths of your being,
in your Immaculate Heart,
you keep the joys of men and women
as they journey to the Heavenly Homeland.
In the depths of your being,
in your Immaculate Heart,
you keep the sorrows of the human family,
as they mourn and weep in this valley of tears.
In the depths of your being,
in your Immaculate Heart,
adorn us with the radiance of the jewels of your crown
and make us pilgrims, even as you were a pilgrim.
With your virginal smile,
enliven the joy of Christ’s Church.
With your gaze of sweetness,
strengthen the hope of God’s children.
With your hands lifted in prayer to the Lord,
draw all people together into one human family.
The Holy Father:
O clement, O loving,
O sweet Virgin Mary,
Queen of the Rosary of Fatima!
Grant that we may follow the example of Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta,
and of all who devote themselves to proclaiming the Gospel.
Thus we will follow all paths
and everywhere make our pilgrim way;
we will tear down all walls
and cross every frontier,
as we go out to every periphery,
to make known God’s justice and peace.
In the joy of the Gospel, we will be the Church robed in white,
the whiteness washed in the blood of the Lamb,
blood that today too is shed in the wars tearing our world apart.
And so we will be, like you, an image of the column of light
that illumines the ways of the world,
making God known to all,
making known to all that God exists,
that God dwells in the midst of his people,
yesterday, today and for all eternity.


Love Him

The deacon at Good Friday's homily focused on the response Jesus gave when asked if he was Jesus of Nazareth. The response was not "I am he" but I AM. Jesus identified with existence itself, and in declaring that he was the same God who spoke from the burning bush, he caused the soldiers to fall prostrate. Yet, they arrested and killed him.

The deacon reminded us that we are no different when we commit mortal and even venial sin. He exhorted us to change our evil ways, and choose rather to LOVE the Lord, not kill.

Spend your Easter in acts of mission rather than sins of omission.


Happy Saint Joseph's Day!

He was a tekton, a building contractor of sorts. What houses would he have built? Msgr.Pope has some answers...http://blog.adw.org/2017/03/houses-like-time-jesus/


I am suddenly pro-Trump

I refused to vote for him, but boy am I glad he was elected.

I did the happy dance when I watched as the President called out the mainstream media for its failure to report on the March for Life.

I immediately began searching for the transcript. Thank heaven for

ABC's David Muir asked Trump if he "could hear the voices from the women’s march here in Washington?"
"I couldn’t hear them, but the crowds were large," Trump responded. "You’re gonna have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people. You’re gonna have a lot of people coming on Friday, and I will say this, and I didn’t realize this, but I was told, you will have a very large crowd of people. I don’t know – as large or larger – some people say it’s gonna be larger. Pro-life people. And they say the press doesn’t cover them."
Muir quickly said he didn't want to compare crowd sizes.
"What they do say is that the press doesn’t cover them," said Trump. 


Start with the Baby

Simcha's brilliance shines again, in this post. Here's a snippet:

"Anyone can blaze with righteous glory for a moment. Anyone can get wrapped up in an exquisitely arcane theological puzzle. But just treating each other well, day after day, in and out of season, whether they deserve it or not? That’s hard, hard, hard. As hard as caring for a baby who won’t stop crying no matter what you do. As hard as being that Baby, when you didn’t have to be."


Let's talk about it


Notes from a rigid young Catholic

In the midst of a Culture of Death, being counter- cultural means being unabashedly pro- life. In dioceses run by aging Boomers, making lio means being a young radical traditionalist. What the current Pope doesn't seem to realize is that when his predecessor was elected, it was young cassocked seminarians and young habited CMSWR sisters who cheered the loudest that day. The people who have returned to the faith under Pope Francis are aging Boomers still rigidly clinging to a 1970s paradigm of liturgical hedonism and a social justice that ignores children in the womb. By appointing leaders like Tobin and Cupich, he has shown that he favors a return to the status quo, wherein doctrinally soft bishops accommodate to the point of oblivion, LWCR sisters continue to erode vocations, and liturgical blandness carries the day. Under his papacy, being subversively countercultural means rooting for leaders like Chaput and Sarah. Under his papacy making lio means facing east, it means confronting the seamless garment weavers who would quietly sideline the Abortion issue, and it means being more open minded than establishment liberals who tolerate all points of view except those that are not their own.

Carl Olsen articulates the many ironies in this viewpoint of Pope Francis.


Habemus President!

Congratulations Cardinal DiNardo!

The fact that they chose Gomez as Veep does indeed 'send a strong signal.' John Allen Jr. has been saying pretty much the same thing over at Crux, that the selection will tell us something about the direction the bishops will be going in lieu of a Trump Administration.

What could be more clear a direction in favor of life in the womb than the selection of DiNardo? What could be more clear about the dignity of the migrant than the selection of Gomez?

These twin issues, abortion and immigration, both about welcoming the Other into our family, are unmistakably foremost in the heart of Pope Francis.

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