Very insightful

I especially like the parallels drawn:

Now God has given us, as John Paul’s successor, another victim of Nazi aggression. Only, in this case, Benedict’s homeland was the aggressor.

Cardinal Ratzinger described how his family watched in horror as powers inimical to Christianity took over their beloved Germany, spreading lies about the Jewish people and distorting the German character. Young Joseph was forced to join the German army, but deserted as soon as he had the chance, only narrowly evading punishment.

God may well want to use his experiences, too. Cardinal Ratzinger’s career was spent in the unpleasant task of facing those in the Church itself who propounded views inimical to Christianity.

If John Paul’s background made him eminently suited to fight foes outside the Church, Pope Benedict’s background has prepared him to defend the authentic character of his new homeland, the Church, from enemies within.

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