Glad Tidings

In anticipation of the upcoming Feast of the Archangels, EWTN has made available scholarly excerpts on the subject of Angels and the three in particular whose names we know. I encourage you to digest the information through the week so as to better appreciate Saturday's moment.

We often forget that Angels are not science fiction. The Hebrew people, Popes, and Christians from every century have known them to be at work in human affairs. In fact, all those peoples who have claimed to know the One True God have known His messengers also.

We may know of exorcisms and demoniacal possession. Even medical professionals whose better judgment has cringed have had to resort to the interventions of priests. But we hear less about 'angelic possession' and rightly so: Angels do not presume upon themselves the credit due to their Lord and Maker. God has done this, the Angels tell us. God is at work here, they proclaim. Do not be afraid!

Let us take care then to acknowledge the fingerprints of God in our lives, in our society-- and Praise Him in the company of the Heavenly Host.

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