In a period of economic belt-tightening, we do well to reflect upon the fact that our poverty level is a high standard of living by the world's standards.

Gratitude is a powerful force if we let it dominate us. To be thankful for right now. Satis.

We do well to remind ourselves that our prosperity is always at the cost of others less fortunate: the homeless, the unborn, the poor.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit"-- Jesus promises the Kingdom to those who would acknowledge their need for God, their utter lack were it not for God.

Scientists define nothing as "the absence of matter". We have no concept for this because we are not God. All that has ever been has been because of God. All we need is available if we ask.

Let's ask for gratitude.

Catholic Culture suggests the following invocations:

That the Church throughout the world will more vigorously thank the Lord for His kindness towards His children. Lord hear our prayer.

That the government of our beloved country will never forget to praise and thank the Almighty who is the generous Giver of each gift. Lord hear our prayer.

That those who suffer may recall that God still loves them and wants to lead them to unending peace in the next world. Lord hear our prayer.

That all Americans on Thanksgiving Day will be blessed with a fresh awareness of the loving Most Blessed Trinity from whom all good things come. Lord hear our prayer.

That those Americans who have no faith in God may be touched by grace this day and seek the Creator of the universe. Lord hear our prayer.

That the faithful departed will soon gather around God's altar in paradise where they will joyfully thank Him for ever. Lord hear our prayer.

...this last one a fitting reminder of the day that began this month, the day we honor those who have gone before us.

Where is your treasure stored?

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