Which church was that?

I came away from this very absorbing text given by Metropolitan Hilarion to an ecumenical group with a flood of questions. Did you know such a thing existed as the Nicean Club? Isn't this an amazing development, that a Russian Orthodox hierarch sees greater unity with Rome than the Anglican Communion? That he had the guts to proclaim Gospel truth over political correctness?

But most jaw-dropping of all was this statement: "I very much hope that the official position of the Anglican Church on theological, ecclesiological and moral issues will be in tune with the tradition of the Ancient Undivided Church and that the Anglican leadership will not surrender to the pressure coming from liberals."

Come again?

...to what precisely does 'Ancient Undivided Church' refer?

Is there some mythical realm lost to time and memory in some history book somewhere that I overlooked on my last visit to the library?

Hmm...methinks 'undivided' is a synonym for 'universal'...what other synonyms do we associate with the word 'universal' ...?

There is ONE church that springs to mind...

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