A good definition of the New Evangelization

from Bishop Etienne's circular:

Fundamentally, the New Evangelization is a call to every believer to come to a deeper awareness of the personal relationship they are called to in the person of Jesus Christ. Secondly, flowing from this vibrant relationship with Christ, each member of the Church is to find ways to speak of the significance of this relationship with Christ to others. Each of us are called to “proclaim the Good News” of Jesus Christ and the salvation He won for us to others.

The Psalm from yesterday’s feast says it well: Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom. (Psalm 145) I believe this is what the renewal of the Church requires of us. Each of us are called by Christ to be His friends. Each of us are called to nurture this relationship with Christ, and allow everything in our life to flow from this source of relationship and redemption.

The Gospel yesterday also has a basic insight into the “place” of beginning the New Evangelization. Into whatever house you enter, say “Peace to this household.” (Luke 10) Jesus gives us the model of the New Evangelization. He called individuals one by one; he entered into personal relationships. He proclaimed the love of God to individuals, in homes, communities, territories, and it continued to spread from there from those whom He encountered.

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