Our Lady of Good Help

I was passing through Green Bay today on the feast of the Assumption, and made a detour to Champion, WI. There you will find a darling little Marian shrine dedicated to the first and only approved apparition in the United States.

Our Lady of Good Help appeared to Adele Brise in 1859 as described thus:
"As they approached the hallowed spot, Adele could see the beautiful lady, clothed in dazzling white, with a yellow sash around her waist. Her dress fell to her feet in graceful folds. She had a crown of stars around her head, and her long, golden, wavy hair fell loosely around her shoulders. Such a heavenly light shone around her that Adele could hardly look back at her sweet face. Overcome by this heavenly light and the beauty of her amiable visitor, Adele fell on her knees."

You can read more in this informative brochure, provided as a pdf for easy printing.

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