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Enbrethiliel has tagged me with the Five Books Meme (same concept as the Caesar's Bath Meme). I could only trace the pedigree (aka 'blogolalogy') back so far:

Enbrethiliel at Sancta Sanctis received it from
Ancient and Future Catholic, who got it from
Res Publica, who got it from
Cnytr, who got it from
Deo Gratias, then
Minivan Mom,
Philothea Rose,
Illuminated Obscurity, and
Working Mommy, who got it from
Sarcastic Kitty.

Sarcastic Kitty received it from A Mere Girl, whose blog I can't locate without the link.
At this point the meme seems to have wandered from Catholic bloggers, to Catholic moms, to Catholic lesbians, but I can't really tell for certain.

Anywho- here's my responses:

1. Total number of books I own = approximately 6 or 7 plastic storage boxes full.
2. The last book I bought = Thomas Dubay's And Thou Art Christ's: Reflections on Virginity and the Celibate Life
3. The last book I read= Does Vatican II's Apostolic Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy count?
4. Five books that mean alot to me = a. The Complete Sherlock Holmes, b. Narnia Chronicles, c. Lord of the Rings, d. Anne of Green Gables, e. The Velveteen Rabbit
5. Tag five people= I'll pass this on to Muck, Hayeser, Eggletho, Taters and Clayton.

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cslewisfan221 said...

Apparently, there are Narnia Events going on all over the country that are movie "sneek peeks". I just found some information at Narnia Resources

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