Not in Kansas anymore (1)

The big wide Blogosphere has just unveiled one of its mysteries: the meme.
What is a meme?
Basically, one blogger poses a question and passes it along to other bloggers to answer as they see fit. And it gets passed along and along and along like a blogger version of the telephone song. The word "meme" comes from evolutionary theory and research into DNA. A strand of information that gets passed along by the DNA is known as a meme, and Darwin enthusiasts apparently speak of cultural memes as topics that get passed along from one social circle to the next, until it develops quite a widespread interest. Or so I'm led to believe by a brief bout of Googlesearching into the matter.

The Caesar's Bath Meme is one such strand. I discovered it yesterday while surfing through my Links column in the margin to the left. I was checking out Enbrethiliel's blog, called "Sancta Sanctis". She doesn't post all that frequently, so I only check out her blog once a week. You may recall that Enbrethiliel was one of the first bloggers to discover my website. Because of her, I was made privy to the larger networks of Catholic blogging.

Well- now she's done it again. Yesterday she posted her five reponses to the Caesar's Bath Meme. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I'd encountered the word "meme" once before on Amy's blog. If you Googlesearch the phrase, "Caesar's Bath Meme", you will discover- as I did- that this meme has circulated rather widely. Since the meme gets passed from one blogger to another like trackstars passing a baton, you can trace its origins much like you'd research into genealogy. So I did.

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