Blogolalogy (2)

I traced the Caesar's Bath Meme all the way back to its source, and according to the guy who started this particular meme, any blogger who wishes is free to intercept the meme, and "steal the baton" so to speak. So not everyone who got the baton had it passed to them. Enbrethiliel passed the baton to the Summa Mamas. As far as I can tell they haven't picked it up yet. So, with further ado, I intend to intercept the baton from Enbrethiliel and keep it going.

First, I shall share with you the genealogical pedigree (or would that be blogolalogical?) of the Caesar's Bath Meme:

Sancta Sanctis received it from
Zadok, who received it from
Cyntr, who intercepted it from
Old Oligarch, who got it from
Cacciaguda, who got it from
Mansfield Fox, who got it from
Crescat Sententia, {who also passed it to Letters of Marque, who passed it to Glorfindel, which is listed in the Googlesearch I queried}.

Crescat Sententia received it from
Class Maledictorian, who got it from
Sunny Side Up, who got it from
Catallarchy, who got it from
Exploit the Worker, who got it from
The Bit Bucket.

{Now- the Bit Bucketeer passed it to many other people before passing it to Exploit the Worker. And- unlike the bloggers he accuses of cheating- he declares himself a legitimate recipient of the meme from Matthew Yglesias.
Lane McFadden is one of the "cheaters" who intercepted it from Matthew Yglesias. But she didn't pass it along to anybody, so it's not worth Bit Bucket's ire. Lane McFadden made the mistake of attributing the meme to Unqualified Offerings. As you will see, she was wrong:}

Matthew Yglesias received it from
Grammar Police, who got it from
Notes from the Lounge, who got it from
Unqualified Offerings, who got it from
All Too Flat.

It's like tracing the Old Testament genealogies, only in reverse: "Sancta Sanctis begat Zadok who begat Cyntr". They even sound like Old Testament names!


Lauren said...

Zadok actually is an Old Testament name -- annointed King Solomon (see 1 Kings; he's also mentioned in 2 Samuel).

Handel also has a choral piece -- Coronation Anthem No.1, HWV 258. "Zaaaaadoooook the priiiiieeeeeest and Naaaathaaaan the proooooopheeeeet annoiiiiiinted Sooooooolomooooon kiiiiing...."

SWP said...

Well there you go.

Lane said...

My apologies. Jim Henley's blog was the first place I saw it, and I didn't remember his attributing it to anyone. Besides, it ain't cheatin' if you win.

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