Mysterious Ways

Enbretheliel arrives at some valuable insights to which I relate. While I'm not a devotee of the Tridentine Mass, or the Latin Mass, like so many of the bloggers in my Links column and the bloggers to whom they link, I find myself equally critical of, disillusioned with, and slighted by the current state of liturgy in so many parishes, especially my own.

Enbretheliel had to remind herself that, no matter how impatient we may become with the way a priest or a parish celebrate Eucharist, no matter how little they regard liturgical norms, it is our privelege to stand in the Presence of the Lord.

I have been in need of this reminder, and I do so appreciate her insight. I would only add that indeed we stand in the presence of the Lord in the person of the wayward priest and in the Spirit given to the baptised faithful. We have to place our trust in the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of the people and the priest, just as our own hearts are moved. We must be centered in prayer, and our most fervent prayer should be for our Neighbors in the pews. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and therefore our first motivation should be Love.

As my brother reminded me, it is so much better and so much more successful when we approach a person with Love that disarms, than coercion. At least in the humility of Love, we find ourselves on a level playing field with the person we approach. Love does not make demands of anyone but the Lover. Love does not harbor anger or pride or resentment. Love brings us together. Love never fails.

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