Another Meme!

This one sounded interesting, so I decided to intercept it.

What I was doing 10 years ago -- In July of 1995 I was preparing to enter my Freshman Year at U of D Jesuit High School & Academy. That summer I worked as a camp counselor at my mom's school; that was my first employment for which I received a W2, and I worked there every summer through high school. I was also the groundskeeper/scorekeeper for my church softball league, a post I held in the consecutive summers through high school as well.

5 years ago -- In July of 2000, I was preparing to enter my sophomore year at Aquinas College. That would have been my first summer working at the Macaroni Grill that had just opened down the road. Because it was a new opening, everyone was still in training at the restaurant. I grew to loathe it, but that first summer was exciting. I was a seater/singer.

1 year ago -- Last July I was reeling from the news that the Seminary had chosen not to accept my application at that time. In a way, I'm still reeling.

Yesterday -- We finished dismantling the barn that has stood on our property since before my parents first moved to this house 25 years ago. It's been a fixture in the backyard my entire life. But it sure does open things up quite a bit! I also found out that I have been accepted to a year of volunteer service at the Gould Farm in Massey.

Summers have always been a time for new beginnings~

I tag Enbrethiliel, Muckmuck, Tomas, and Clayton.

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Megs said...


Some questions in regards to your most recent endeavor...

- Why were you guys tearing down the barn in your backyard?

- When are you leaving for MA?

Better yet...

- When were you going to tell us? ;)

- Can we come visit you in MA, or is it one of those "no-contact-with-the-outside-world" kind of things?

I'll talk to you soon, I'm sure.


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