I d'wanna grow up

I wanted to post some thoughts about Frederica's article in First Things, and someone beat me to it. I found the article bolsters what is being said about the Twixter Generation.

The question remains: can we be faulted for something that's been in the works for three generations? We can certainly do a better job of raising our own children, but how many times has that sentence been uttered?

I do believe this is where Greatness steps in-- Twixters are also the Children of JPII. We can still look to him for guidance, as we always have. We can raise children who take up their crosses and follow Jesus without fear. We can be a Light to the Nations.


Doug said...

What do you thik of this guy?

SWP said...

There was a Church in place, a living community of faithful believers, before the Canon of Scripture was ever compiled. That community continues to guarantee the authenticity of the Scripture we cherish and protect.

This blogger makes the mistake of proposing that Catholics believe Tradition exists in addition to Scripture, when in fact we believe the Magisterium of the Church (the authority given it by Christ)authentically guarantees both Scripture and Tradition, the two pillars on which our faith is founded.

We receive the Scriptures not through our own devices but through a community of faithful believers who pass them down to us. It sounds like this poor blogger has chosen to reject that community which is necessary and vital for dwelling in Truth.

SWP said...


I'm not sure I understand what any of this has to do with the posting above.

Anonymous said...

1. Oh dear, someone finally gave Seth a public soapbox. :)

2. As much as you were afraid I'd be offended, I'll remind you I've known you for seven years. Jesus did teach acceptance of all, no matter how difficult. ;)

3. You're going to do wonderfully in MA, enjoy yourself immensely, and eat lots of lobster for me.

4. I promise to try and not be such a heretic, but you know it will be difficult. Maybe reading your blog will change my ways. Probably it won't. :)

Love always,

your favorite heathen

Kat said...

In regards to your post of 5/17/2005 . . . have you read Gary Eberle's book Sacred Time and the Search for Meaning? You might enjoy it. Esp. since you know Gary. :)

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