from Catholic Pillow Fight:

"Woman ordained Reuters reporter on Narragansett River
Posted by: tony on 07/26/2005 09:51 AM
Amy Welborn was bemoaning the innacuracy of Reuters headlines stating that women were being ordained Catholic priests. Maria Horvath responded in comments:

Yesterday my friend Margaret A., who's a stay-at-home mom and reads a lot of Reuters newstories on the web, just took me out on her boat on the Narragansett River here in Rhode Island and declared me a Reuters reporter. I'm expecting my first paycheck this Friday.

Thanks for the chuckle Maria."


To quote OSV:

"But it's a tragedy nevertheless whenever Catholics reject the Church's teaching authority in favor of their own problematic agendas. In this sense, the image to be played out on the St. Lawrence River this weekend-- soon-to-be schismatics set adrift on the water while fleeing the Church's official boundaries-- seems quite appropriate."

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