Be Transfigured

The Holy Father has this wisdom to share with us:

"This is also the meaning of the parable of the grain of wheat that fell on the earth: Only through a process of tormented transformation does one obtain the fruit and see the solution," he said.
"And if the apparent inefficacy of our preaching is not a suffering for us, it would be a sign of a lack of faith, of a lack of genuine commitment," stated the Bishop of Rome.
"We must take these difficulties of our time seriously and transform them by suffering with Christ, and so transform ourselves," he said.
"And in the measure that we ourselves are transformed, we can also answer the question articulated earlier; we can see the presence of the kingdom of God and make others see it," he stated.

May we be truly transformed and transfigured, in order that we are no longer seen, but Christ who dwells in us.

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