Authentic Feminism

C.C. Campbell offers some wise words on the subject in an OSV article available on her website (select Aug. 28 Into the Deep: The New Feminism):

"Young women today are often repelled by the angry rhetoric, male-bashing and strident support for abortion rights that characterize feminist groups. They see a deep disconnect between the authentic feminist ideal of women’s equality and the radical feminist obsession with power politics and sexual license. Where authentic feminism celebrates the dignity of women and the complementarity of the sexes, radical feminism refuses to acknowledge differences between men and women, idealizes androgyny and denigrates marriage and motherhood...It’s no wonder so many young women are attracted to this new feminism, which celebrates a woman’s dignity while calling her to defend the dignity of every human person, including and especially the child within her womb."


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Christina Martin said...

Surprise, a post that isn't spam!

I really appreciated your post on authentic feminism, and agree fully with all you said. I'm a stay at home mom, a very 'traditional' sort, frumpy to the core. I never would have called myself a feminist, but my husband does. He keeps saying I'm an authentic feminist, because I believe in the rights and dignity of women, but I don't confuse that with thinking I have to give up femininity, or support sexual license and violence against the unborn.

I keep hearing, lately, of a group called Feminists for Life. Our new chief justice's wife is a member, I hear. I think I may look into it myself.

SWP said...

Thank you so much for your post!
I don't know how to disenable spam without losing the ability to leave comments, and my template does not allow for me to delete comments individually.

So I do greatly appreciate hearing genuine feedback.
It's true that Justice Roberts' wife is a FFL; there was a post about that on Amy Welborn's blog at the time of his nomination.

I think one of the greatest falsehoods propagated by the culture is that somehow Abortion is distinct from all other social justice issues. Or that the real human rights violation is not the destruction of an entire generation but the presence of laws to restrict such destruction. Or that a women's emancipation means chemically altering her body to stop doing what it was designed to do.

It will never make sense to me. I highly reccomend reading Janet Smith's examination of the Contraceptive (i.e. abortive) mentality:


There is also a great online resource called Women Affirming Life:


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