Happy Birthday, Mary!

From American Catholic:

We can see every human birth as a call for new hope in the world. The love of two human beings has joined with God in his creative work. The loving parents have shown hope in a world filled with travail. The new child has the potential to be a channel of God's love and peace to the world. This is all true in a magnificent way in Mary. If Jesus is the perfect expression of God's love, Mary is the foreshadowing of that love. If Jesus has brought the fullness of salvation, Mary is its dawning. Birthday celebrations bring happiness to the celebrant as well as to family and friends. Next to the birth of Jesus, Mary's birth offers the greatest possible happiness to the world. Each time we celebrate her birth we can confidently hope for an increase of peace in our hearts and in the world at large.

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Anonymous said...

I joined the Catholic church just last week,largely on account of Mary. Several of my friends were facing such a tangle of issues I simply went into a Catholic church, stopped in front of a statue of Mary, explained my difficulty in praying properly, and sked for support. She may have asked for support for me, since it evolved into a daily conversation with Mary. One time, our chat occurred just before Mass. I stayed. Now I visit with her daily, but as a Catholic, not an outsider.

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