Labor Day

Click on the link above for Catholic Culture's excellent coverage of this important day, when we honor all those who toil for a living. At least once each year, every worker gets a day off- one of the earliest demands of the labor movement.

I recently carried on a conversation with a Protestant about Faith vs. Works, and I was reminded how exceptionally humane Catholic doctrine remains in spite of grumbles to the contrary. We have a task at hand that does not allow us to remain passive observers of our own salvation. Neither are we mere participants. Our sweat is our offertory. Our blood and tears commingle with His.

"To toil and not to seek for rest; to labor and not ask for reward, except to know that I am doing Your will" - St. Ignatius

"I am a humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord" - Papst Benedikt XVI

But I think the best advice on Labor Day comes from Matthew 6:25-34


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