Mercy me

I went to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy today. The chapel is so beautiful, you would never guess it was constructed in 1950. It was so peaceful there; I was going for the sacrament of CPR (Confession, Penance, & Reconciliation-- get it? CPR?) and the whole time my eyes kept flying to that phrase: "Jesus, I trust in You!"

I think so often we forget that our Life with Christ is one of trust. It's not enough that he entrusts us with the Divine Law and trusts that we will follow him. We also have to trust that he will make it possible. We have to trust that he will anwser our prayers. It's not simply up to us to refrain from sin and be better, more loving Christians. We have to trust that God will do the rest- will meet us halfway-- is already there waiting.

I think of the story of the Prodigal Son-- the father waiting with open arms. No! In fact, He's running towards us! The Lord pursues us; I'm not thinking so much of the Hound of Heaven as I am the Ardent Lover, clinging, obsessed. How can one brush aside such tenderness? I feel romanced. Only I can prove unfaithful, not my Lord and Master, my Love, my King, my fortress and deliverance, my comfort and my hope.

Jesus, I trust in you~

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