When was the First?

I'm a little confused as to how this can be the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, when last Sunday was the Feast of the Epiphany, the day before the Feast of the Baptism, and therefore still Christmas? Wouldn't that make this the First Sunday in Ordinary Time?

I was kinda hoping this question would have been addressed by some other blogger, but a cursory glance reveals nothing. I surmise that last Sunday was the First in Ordinary Time for most of the Catholics around the world and only in the US did the Epiphany occur, thanks to the shortsightedness of the US Bishops. I complained about this decision briefly last year, but I hadn't noticed then what I'm noticing now. Now I just can't see the sense of it.

However, my friend Mark John over at Vivere writes eloquently of the extraordinary character of each day we spend with Jesus, so I will stop quibbling over details about this particular day in the liturgical calendar.


Mark John said...

The Baptism of the Lord is supposed to be the first sunday of ordinary time, but, like you said, the feast of Epiphany was moved from the 6th to the following sunday, so the baptism was on the following day and we didn't really have a first sunday of advent.

I understand your frustration, SWP. The liturgical year is a gift, not an imposition.

Mark John said...

I hope you realize that most of that post on Vivere was from the Imitation of Christ, and not from me. The eloquence belongs to Thomas a Kempis.

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