Further proof

that Wal-Mart is the Devil, available at DeoOmnisGloria (as if I needed one more reason). But this one really does beat all.

I accompanied- against my better judgment- a friend- who knew my vehemence, but felt there were no viable alternatives within the budgeted time and money- into the infamous cube and experienced one of the worst examples of poor customer relations when the cashier refused to sell my friend what she had come in for until a phone number had been given. Galled, I remarked loudly as we were leaving how this was one more reason never to shop at Wal-Mart.

Now it seems like a non-violent jihad should be waged. If the store's unholy and unjust policies span the gap between right and left umbrage, surely a campaign of combined forces could bring it to a long-overdue bankruptcy?

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