Habemus Papissimam

Amy posts an honest tribute.

Thom Peters at American Papist has these words to say.

Ignatius Insight Scoop provides all the links to MSM coverage (caveat emptor, of course).

And Christopher Blosser has been hard at work for the Fanclub Tribute.

I recall fondly the moment when I had one foot in the living room watching the coverage on ABC while the other foot was in the stairwell so I could hear EWTN's online commentary. EWTN's picture transmission was coming in one frame at a time, but I could hear Neuhaus and Arroyo unbroken. On the other hand the commentators on ABC were sounding like a broken record, but at least I wasn't going to miss the moment when they all came out on the loggia. So I turned off the sound on the downstairs TV, turned up the volume on the upstairs computer and straddled between the two before I finally remembered my neighbor had Cable. I raced over to her house just in time to catch the glorious moment when they announced a great joy and the crowds erupted into praise.

I wanted to jump around and hug somebody, but I was clearly more excited than my neighbor, who was still stunned- not surprised- just stunned. I think alot of people were at the same place I had been the night before, namely: "God wouldn't do that, would he?" But then I realized that the only reason I had for them not to elect Ratzinger was that noone actually thought they would. And that's no reason at all. God can do whatever God wants, and clearly Ratzinger goes way beyond merely being "the most qualified". He is in fact the supreme choice.

Habemus Papissimam!

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