Triduum 2006

It's been an unusual one this year. A friend of mine who is Brethren put together a 'Maundy' Thursday Love Feast-- a tradition among the Brethren in which a light meal is shared, feet are washed, scripture read, hymns sung, and reflections expressed.

It's interesting to note how many Protestant traditions have evolved in the absence of the Mass. There must be an innate need for the Eucharist that even the remotest branches of protestantism sense. But communion services usually emphasize the meal over the sacrifice. Reenacting the events recorded in Scripture must be more palatable than accepting the doctrine that Christ's sacrifice is eternal. That doctrine certainly conflicts with the views of another friend- an evangelical Christian- that Lenten disciplines of sacrifice are not necessary since we can do nothing to add to Christ's ultimate sacrifice. So she seems to dwell in an eternal Easter in which nothing more is asked of her than belief. I find it hard to relate to this sentiment.

But it's good to be in Christian Fellowship; and sharing in a tradition I'd never heard of before was special. Then I spent Good Friday en route to Texas. So the only moment for observing the day was spent in the airport chapel. I think it's the first Good Friday of my life that I wasn't at church. Now it's Holy Saturday and I await the baptism of my cousin's daughter this afternoon. And the Vigil tonight will take place in the parish where my uncle, a deacon, pastors.

May our Blessed Mother bring you the consolation and peace of a heart worn with sorrow, but sustained in joyful hope~

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