Hail, Holy Queen

It being May, the month of Our Lady, I've taken to praying the Scriptural Rosary each morning. And this morning, being a Wednesday, was the day for the Glorious Mysteries. And the verses from the fifth glorious mystery- the Coronation of Mary- struck me with such beauty that I felt the need to share them here:

Who is this arising like the dawn,
fair as the moon,
resplendent as the sun?

Like the rainbow gleaming against brilliant clouds,
like blossoms in the days of spring~

I am the Rose of Sharon;

I am the lily of the valleys.

My throne is in a pillar of cloud,

and for eternity I shall remain.

And I stepped outside amidst the blossoms and the birdsong and the sun was shining through the trees, and I thought--

What sweetness we have in Mary! What a JOY to be alive!
It was another Easter moment.
Blessings be with you~

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