I might rename my blog.

Amy has used a phrase I find endearing, in her thoughts on the Exhortation:

"In a sense, it is one more document, and the Church geeks among us must, painfully, divest ourselves of the notion that every single Catholic is obligated to digest every Church document that comes down the pike. Not quite."

One friend from college used the term 'Saint nerds'. And another friend once told me, "you're not just Catholic; you're flamboyantly Catholic."

If this puts me in the same camp as Amy Welborn, I'm proud to be there.

For the record, I think that every single Catholic of age should digest every Church document that comes down the pike.

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Kt said...

While "SaintNerd" and "ChurchGeek" are perfectly fine and noble names, I would be saddened to see you change the title of your blog, because then when I'm typing in the address I would no longer be able to sing the theme to the "Mattressland" commercial. (Only, of course, "Catholicland!" Add the music.) Catholicland is such a great name that I'm surprised someone else didn't think of it first. I wonder if there's a Unitarianismland and a Churchoflatterdaysaintsland?

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