Honor Thy Mother

O Mary,
We crown Thee with blossoms today!
Queen of the Angels,
Queen of the May~

Remember May Crownings? One child was selected from each class to bear the flowers. We sang the Marian hymns. I wore light blue. I had some good nuns at my school, I must say. They taught us to accord Mary proper respect, whatever else the IHMs are known for.

Pray the Rosary for women religious. Send flowers to a special woman who has nurtured your faith. Call your mom. Let Mary know you love her.

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Kt said...

Wow, a gorgeous painting. (Although I must say, floating baby heads always throw me off a little.)
Okay, I am now caught up with Catholicland, or at least everything visible on the main page. I hadn't realized that the Pope turned 80. D'you like how the national news goes on ad nauseum about Paris Hilton and Don Imus, but fails to mention the Pope? Yay, we live in a cultural bubble!

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