Queen Mother

When celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, take care not to neglect the Mother of us all.

In his book, Hail Holy Queen, Scott Hahn sheds light on Divine Filiation and how it distinguishes us from Moslems and those who see God as Judge and Master. Mary teaches us that God is our Daddy and because of that, we have a relationship with God that asks more than servility. It asks familial LOVE.

To honor that truth I will recite the Glorious Mysteries in honor of my mom, who demonstrates womanly virtue and taught us to reverence Family, a woman who made our family a place where God's Love was lived.

My favorite part of Scott's book was the section on the role of the Queen Mother in the Davidic Kingdom. Here is a maternal image to which I can relate. My mother, like Mary, has great forbearance. She was not a pampering woman, thank God; she is a physical education instructor and a sports enthusiast, and she always pushed us to be our best. To borrow from Saint Paul, if Christianity is an athletic event, my mom is on the coaching staff. Thus, she stands as one of the best images of Mary, according to Hahn.

Mary is not content with partial fidelity to her Son. She did not spend months is labor so that we can do it half-assed. She wants commitment, she wants Victory, and she will expect nothing less from her children. Yup- that's the kinda woman my mom is. That's the kinda woman Mary is.

I think I'll go run some laps. Happy Mother's Day.

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