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I just finished Scott Hahn's Swear to God, wherein he describes the Sacrament of Marriage as Covenant par excellence. What struck me in particular was his description of covenanted sex as a liturgical event. This revelation that God abides sacramentally in the fleshly moments of life consists with my previous reflections on loving God, reflections punctuated by the wisdom of His Holiness. And I can think of no better proof for this revelation than my own parent's love and the way they expressed that love in the making of a domestic church. The awareness of their lovemaking has never occasioned squeamishness for me, because I know innately its beauty and the prayerful disposition in which it takes place.

My parents have been to my brothers and I the finest witnesses of Vocation lived well. I am so filled with gratitude to God for providing such abundance. Just today I received a letter from a friend I've known since grade school. His parents are splitting up, a fact that comes as no surprise to him, even after they raised five children together. He was not in the least sorrowful, so I could only awkwardly express my own.

I said it in a previous email and it bears repeating: Marriage=Salvation. Christ proposes to our wounded culture precisely what it doesn't even know it's lacking, yet that which is also so ordinary and all around us. As Scott Hahn so ably shows, Christ proposes in the seven Sacraments the bare necessities of Life. Go read his book, and pray for my friend and his four siblings. Pray for couples who struggle to see Christ in one another~

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