Love of God

Carrying on the theme of the last post, here is more wisdom from the Holy Father [via Zenit]:

"Origen," the Pontiff said, "constantly mixes his exegetic and theological works with experiences and suggest
ions relating to prayer. Despite the theological wealth found in his thought, his is never a purely academic treatment; it is always founded on the experience of prayer, on contact with God."

"He is convinced that the privileged path to knowing God is love and that one cannot give an authentic 'scientia Christi' without falling in love with him," he added.
Benedict XVI quoted Origen's works, citing one passage that shows "the highest mystical levels" of the Alexandrian's prayer.

"Often -- God is a witness to this -- I felt that the Bridegroom drew very near to me; afterward he would leave suddenly, and I could not find that which I searched for. Again I have the desire for his presence, and he returns, and when he appears, when I hold
him in my hands, he leaves again and once he is gone I begin again to search for him," the Pope quoted.

Christ the Beloved

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