What a blessed day!

I spent Memorial Day Sunday, rather appropriately, walking the Freedom Trail in Boston. Having covered all of it from Bunker Hill to Beacon Hill on foot, my dogs were barking loudly. I returned to the Park Street Station (the oldest subway stop in the country) by way of the Public Gardens (which are enchanting on a spring evening), and gladly collapsed onto a bench to await the Red Line train that would bring me that much closer to bed.

Sitting there at the end of the platform allowed me to once again take note of the unique sculptures adorning the transit tunnel. Over each railway, a sculpted hand is raised in benediction. I had seen them once before, and mused that they must have some religious significance, because the gesture is unmistakably Christ's.
I also mused that they may have some ASL double-meaning, since one is an upraised palm that could also stand for the letter "B" in sign language, for Boston presumably:
Much to my delight, I found a source that confirms both suspicions! The sculptures are titled "Benedictions" and were commissioned from Ralph Helmick by the MBTA:

Each of these two bronze hands incorporates a gesture which is a universal, cross-cultural symbol of blessing. Both have trans-denominational spiritual significance. Secondary meanings include the American Sign Language shorthand for "Boston", and directional indicators for the trains which pass beneath.

It's nice to think of God as the custodian of my transit.

One can easily trace a metaphor for vocational discernment from that insight. No matter which route or direction or stop along the way, if we place ourselves in God's hands, the rest will follow. Spend this Memorial Day placing thyself in the care of the Father and entrusting to him all those whose lives are in jeopardy protecting our rights and safeguarding our responsibility to serve the common good.

It's still May: be in thy Mother's embrace as well.

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