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Donating blood occasions such profound gratitude in me every single time. For one thing, it makes apparent how very medically sound I am, especially since I give Double Red when I go, something you can only do if you have really healthy blood and circulation and levels and content. Filling out the test questions in the beginning gives me pause to consider how profoundly blest, fortunate, and prudent I have been, e.g. I do not take medication, I have not had sexual contact, and I have eschewed the various maladies that could prevent one from giving blood. And knowing that within 48 hours, my pouch is going to go directly into someone else's vein elicits such satisfaction: I am a rare commodity of healthfulness- I am keeping someone else alive because I have pristine platelets- I am a Blood Donor! I proudly proclaim so on my resume.

Less apparently a consequence, giving blood occasions a sense of real union with Christ, who shed His blood that we all might have life and abundantly.

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Kt said...

Oh, sad... I've always tried to donate, in honor of my grandpa who set that standard. But after passing out once at the juice bar and being blacklisted several times for visiting foreign countries, it's hard to do it these days. The last time I gave I nearly passed out again. Currently I'm still banned because of Ecuador.

If you can give blood, hooray! I suppose it's strange to say I'm jealous.

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