I will hold the Christlight for you

My Goddaughter Hayley's baby sister Jamie Marie has entered the Family of God.

Welcome, Jamie Marie!

Noone holds a candle to her in cuteness, but here we are holding her Baptism candle. I'm twice a Godfather! Yay for Happy Godfamily! (whose blog is finally up and running again- see link in the margin)

Ahhh...Water + Fire = the Drama of the Sacraments

Here she is receiving the chrism. She smelled of baby & holiness on the crown of her head the rest of the week :)


Kt said...

Holiness has a distinct odor?

Glad to see you back online. Congrats, twice GF. Hey, at the farm you were technically a GFGF. And I totally missed out on calling you that!

Sorry this is neither thoughtful nor intelligent...I'm just up late having fun on the blogs.

SWP said...

Usually chrism is scented with Balsam. I thought it was Frankincense or Myrrh. To quote:

This mingling of the balsam with the oil is intended to convey, by outward sign, the good odor of Christ, of whom it is written (Songs 1:3): "We will run after thee to the odor of thy ointments." It typifies also the odor of good works, the thought which ought to inspire those who worthily receive the sacraments; and it symbolizes an innocent life and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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