Dad's reply

I was going to post this in the comments-- but nobody would ever read it there. So here is my dad's response to the post above regarding Catechesis:

"Couldn't disagree.
Remember that in all of the teachings of the Church, the right to life is essential...AND the Church must deal with the broad range of life before it. As Junior High students, they need to affirm their lives and those of others-- it's a developmental thing. Not to say that we shouldn't mention the BIGGER picture...surely in 8th grade as we do...that's why a speaker from the textbook company comes in and talks__More later, Dad"

This note he left for me before leaving for school this morning. He must have read my rant while eating his breakfast. And then he took the time to respond thoughtfully. Isn't he a great dad?

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Amy said...

Amen to that he is a great dad!

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