Mother Teresa Roundup

Amy shares a beautiful reflection from that most beautiful of preachers, Fr. Cantalamessa, on the Dark Night of Mother Teresa and what it teaches us about postmodern a-theism and the secular soul. But that's not all. She posted many more articles last week, some with her own reflections, and from the week before.
UPDATE***Amy has one more post with links from FirstThings.

Meanwhile the CERC has a flurry of articles (okay- only three, but it seems like more) about the Dark Night of Mother Teresa: one by Fr. Raymond de Souza, another by Dinesh d'Souza, and a third from Carol Zaleski.

Penitens reflects on the subject here.

Finally, one from Clairity on the poetic beauty of the Dark Night.

To learn more about this remarkable beatus, visit EWTN's mini-site. Pray with her. Pray for her canonization. Just pray~

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