A woman by any other name

Speaking of Mary's name, I learned a new name for her at the Carnival:

"Our Lady of America"

Unfortunately, some people will express skepticism at the very notion of Marian apparitions. Yet, people like Sr. Mary Ephrem or Saint Faustina or Saint Bernadette are people that have spent a great deal of time in prayer, in daily conversation with Our Lord and Lady. They can speak so freely of what Mary has said largely because they speak freely with Mary. They have entered communion profoundly.

This is not beyond the scope of any of us; yet it is in God's scope. So we can never expect such extraordinary graces. Instead, let us praise God for the ordinary grace that gives meaning and scope to our lives. Let us be dazzled when His manifest glory is brought to our attention by people like Sr. Mary Ephrem.

That was the response of Msgr. Leibold. And remember:
(hat tip to another Carnie at Domestic Vocation)

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