A friend asks in her blog, "Are Angels among us?"

So many people, including my parents and godparents, have angel stories: moments when they knew that they were being cared for and protected. For some, the moment was an intervention in an automobile accident. For others, it was a deathbed presence, as referenced above. For a few others it was a stranger who appeared from out of nowhere, came to their aid, and disappeared just as mysteriously.

Even non-religious people believe in angels, when explanations fail.

There are such varied images of Angels: the ambient beings in "Ghost" (and their terrifying counterparts that emerge screaming from the shadows), the Ezekielian creatures of Madeline L'Engle, and the fiber-optic or plaster kitsch found in too many gift shops.

Why are Angels so prevalent in a society/culture so opposed to Jesus?

Therein lies the answer: Angels oppose Satan. That's why so many people have Angel stories. We are in the midst of an epic confrontation. Where sin abounds, Christ abounds all the more. Angels are indeed all around us, doing their part to bring about the Reign of God.

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Amy said...

Do I know your parents' angel stories?

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