Birthday Saints

Today is the Feast of St. Francis Borgia, of nefarious lineage, but all the more remarkable for transcending his milieu and embracing a temperate life devoted to the Church.

There are a few more souls listed for this day: Maharsapor the Persian starved to death for refusing to renounce the faith, Bishop Paulinus who brought the faith to Northumbria, a few Roman soldiers who refused to offer pagan sacrifices before battle and were killed by their own men, some holy monks, Hugolinus sent by St. Francis to convert the Moors who killed him instead, and St. Daniel Comboni, who opposed the slave trade and worked to improve the lives of Africans.

Quite a motley group-- but they all have one thing in common: their willingness to sacrifice for love of God. May their prayers be with me on this special day~

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