The Eve of All Hallows Eve

So here's the annual flurry of links to great resources for celebrating the holiday as it was meant to be (i.e. a super fun religious occasion):

American Catholic helps you tie the pagan elements back to their Christian meaning.

Catholic Culture provides some history and some excellent articles.

Catholic Mom has some good stuff, including recipes for all three days.

The Colbert Blog for Catholic It-Getters has perhaps one of the funniest moments from the glory days when Carrell and Colbert shared the spotlight at the Daily Show.

Vox Nova shares how they celebrate All Saints Day in their home.

American Papist invites you to the Dominican Priory for the much-vaunted Vigil of All Saints, something I hope to attend one day.

And finally Monster Librarian gives us an awful tricksy idea for Halloween this year. Do remember that tricks are a good way to practice humility. . .catharsis. . .all in moderation of course ;)

If you live in Michigan, reward yourself next October by attending Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. The route is lined on both sides with jack'o'lanterns, they have good old-fashioned spooky stuff, including Henry Ford's ghost, and they hand out candy at many points along the way. One of my favorite moments was a theatrical rendition of the Telltale Heart by a man who learned to recite it for Forensics competitions when he was in high school. Chilling.

On Sunday, we found the perfect pumpkins to carve tomorrow, even with such a disappointing turnout this season. Nothing's better than hunting for the perfect pumpkin on a crisp autumn afternoon, enjoying cider & donuts.

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