Bella again

Well I think this review is the best yet. The point is not whether it was a good film according to hollywood standards (otherwise it would lose the charm of being an indy); the point is what it accomplishes in this medium that so rarely happens in hollywood:

In Bella, a new, award-winning independent film, a pregnant woman bent on an abortion quakes before the enormity of the decision within her grasp. The acquaintance who shepherds her journey out of darkness has problems of his own. The film depicts the confluence of their past, present, and future in a single day that pulls them both in a new direction.

Unflinchingly pro-life, Bella is not a crude propaganda vehicle for the anti-abortionist movement, though it may well be used to help provoke a reassessment of Roe v. Wade. Rather, it constitutes a meditation on the gentle grace that comes from our need for others, and the transformative power of relationships anchored in truth rather than sentimentality.

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