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Given the serious nature of "cleansing by fire"-- I'm not sure it's the most prudent decision to rely on pulp fiction illustrators to depict such an event. Doesn't this border on 'near occasion of sin'?

Yet even a quick image search on the Internet yields more racy results. If one is hoping to convert fanboys, perhaps some of the images I found would catch their eye.
Though it's not like things were any more sober in the middle ages:

And I'm just embarrassed to know that such items like this even exist in the world:

This is Catholic kitsch to a whole new level.

And what would Freud say about this artist?

Apparently purgatory is a great way to work out one's issues and safely call it 'art'.

They make holy cards look like the most attractive alternative:Simple: the souls are in the purifying flames, they look to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in His Great Mercy to save them, Mary petitions Jesus on their behalf, and the angels help them up to the Throne of Thanksgiving. Nothing Hieronymous Bosch-- just a simple narrative and you can carry it in your pocket for whenever you feel tempted to commit mortal sin.

Added bonus: noone's naked!

For, as we're learning, there are some sins that will result in everlasting damnation, as this flowchart conveniently conveys:

Have I mentioned how much I love being Catholic?

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