Like I said


The baby Mary is borne
to the Temple in procession,
first and last infant given,
miraculous, now returned by
her holy elderly parents.

She is accompanied by
the young maidens of Israel,
their lamps lit with golden
wicks; she is their young
queen, star of their people.

Anna and Joachim,
serene and faith-giving,
between them shed
three stray tears for their
just-weaned as she embraces
them and leans forward into
the Temple, pulling from
their hands to release her.

She surges into the arms
of waiting virgins, temple
servants. The child's feet
meet the third step of
the altar and she dances.
She clamors for the
food of angels.

Her long black hair falls
around her as she kneels,
the Virgin, as she stills
within to prepare
a Shrine for Him.

-Clairity Daily

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