World Peace

On the occasion of Diwali, the Vatican invites Hindus to be in friendship:

Like all human relationships, those between people of different religions need to be nourished by regular meetings, patient listening, collaborative action, and above all, by an attitude of mutual respect. Accordingly, we must work to build bonds of friendship, as indeed must the adherents of all religions. “Friendship is nourished by contacts, by a sharing in the joy and sadness of different situations, by solidarity and mutual assistance” (John Paul II, Message to the participants of the International Convention “Matteo Ricci: for a dialogue between China and the West”, 24 October 2001, 6). In situations of misunderstanding, people need to come together and communicate with one another, in order to clarify, in a fraternal and friendly spirit, their respective beliefs, aspirations and convictions. Only through dialogue, avoiding all forms of prejudice and stereo-typed ideas about others and by faithful witness to our religious precepts and teaching, can we truly overcome conflicts. Dialogue between followers of different religions is the necessary path today, indeed it is the only appropriate path for us as believers. Together, in collaboration, we can do much to build a society of harmony and a world of peace.

I know many Catholics from India, but I do not know any Hindus personally. Yet I find this definition of Friendship by our late Holy Father universally true. In all my relationships I try to practice solidarity and mutual assistance and share in joys and sorrows.

I love that Papa Benny has so dedicated his papacy to Peace. "Blessed are the Peacemakers" says the Lord. May we find friends wherever we go~

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