Gaudete Antiphons

Deacon Kendra has some wisdom to share on this day of praising Sapientia:

Bethlehem is not just as a point on the map, or a place in history. It is where Christ comes into our world. It is a crossroads of the human heart. It is where hope is born.

A place of eternal possibility.

And we’re closer to it than we may realize.

In these last weeks of Advent, we need to remember that. These are weeks that will be crazy, with parties to attend and gifts to wrap and cards to send. There will be decorations to hang and notes to write and meals to prepare and cookies to bake and bags to pack and planes to catch.

But take time to pause, and to give thanks. Take stock. Take heed of all the messages God has sent us this Advent – to stay awake, to repent, to prepare the way of the Lord, to seek Him in the desert.

And: take time to pinpoint the Bethlehem of your own heart. That place that calls to each of us.

Bethlehem is waiting for us – even as we are waiting for it. Even as we are waiting for Christ. It is the destination at the end of our Advent wanderings – where we were always meant to be. Spend these weeks quietly, joyfully anticipating it.

Because we will be there before we know it.

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