Gaudete Antiphons

Word Incarnate blog counsels us from the East this Advent as we honor Oriens:

Perhaps we ought to examine our reasons for not wanting to drink his cup, for not wanting to go where He wishes to lead us. Sure, we all want to go to Heaven, but we don’t want to walk the hard and narrow way to get there, even though Jesus has told us that it’s the only way there. We have to overcome that resistance which is an inheritance of original sin and be persuaded that the Kingdom of Heaven is worth whatever it takes to enter there.

Now that it’s almost Christmas we may think that we can set aside such difficult meditations and just think about the cuddly Baby and the warmth of his loving family. But then I remember what my holy patron heard, not long after strange princes were worshipping the Wondrous Boy: “Joseph! Take the Child and his Mother and flee immediately to Egypt!” Poor Joseph! He was ordered to go where he did not wish to go, precisely because of the cuddly Baby. The cup of suffering was already being offered, the Cross was already casting its shadow.

So it is for us, in season and out. If we are to be faithful disciples of the Lord, we will do whatever He tells us, whenever He tells us, without asking Him why He is telling us.

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