Open Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Saint Nicholas~

Please forgive my eschewing the customary form and going electronic. Certain persons have made known that they wish to be privy to my annual request. Besides, it's high time I gave this a try:

For Christmas, I would like a book by His Holiness. Introduction to Christianity and Called to Communion come to mind first, but I'd be happy just to know it was by Papa Benny.

Other books of interest include, but are not limited to, Fr. Cantalamessa's Loving the Church, Neuner & Dupuis The Christian Faith, and the emerald leatherbound edition of The Hobbit.

As a flamboyant Catholic, I would love to entertain my friends with a thrilling round of Vatican: the Papal Election Board Game. Yes, such a thing exists, and I'm the sort of person who would actually make my friends sit down one evening with a huge grin on my face.

I'm not certain whether the Pope's Cologne has already been mentioned to you before. I don't really need cologne at the moment. But if I were to waft any scent into a room, I'd like for it to carry the odor of sanctity.

I don't really need any new clothes. However-- if I were to add anything to my wardrobe it could be found right here.

I have some pictures I need to develop. While I'm waiting for those to be processed, it would be nice to be able to fill an alternate card in my digital camera. But I can't do any of that without batteries.

Please extend your apostolic blessing, kind soul.
With gratitude and best wishes for a Festive Christmas,
Seth Wm. Peters

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