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I was revisiting a post from May, because it manifests the reason why I am so in love with the Pope, a notion I've had to explain even to people who know me well.

That led me to further discoveries in CatholicLand:

Catholic Pages has a treasure trove of scholarly articles on sexuality.

Mark Shea writes about the effects of sin.

Dr. Janet Smith, Witness to Hope.

For my Beloved, here are the cliff's notes to that article from the Pontifical Council for the Family that I wanted you to read. If you paste it into Word at 12pt font, it's only 5 pages. But here's the real nutshell:

"Education for chastity can only be understood correctly in the
context of a theology of married life and love, a sense of
vocation in life, God's saving grace, the meaning of parenthood
and, above all, God's love for us, our love for Him and our
pilgrimage of faith toward eternal life."

The Enchiridion on the Family has proven to be the best find of all. It was in my parents' bookcase.

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