Whispers has some exciting news about my hero, Bishop Fulton Sheen.

In my senior year of college, I filled four hours of air time on Saturday mornings with the Fulton Sheen Radio Hour. It consisted of me reading from the Catechism and other sources on a given topic, playing classical music from my collection, and on occasion bringing in a guest to speak to that topic.

The only audience, from what I could tell, was the janitor. He was a born-again Hispanic, and we would confirm our faith in Jesus to each other, when he wasn't buffing the laminate tile.

I considered it a coup, given the content of the other 20 hours.

Fulton preached to millions, most of whom weren't Catholic. With his intercession, may millions more be brought home to the fullness of Truth~

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Amy said...

You did what? Was I in Ireland when this happened? Why wasn't I listening....

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