I've been eager to read and see as much from Sydney as possible. I've not been tuning into EWTN's live feed on time, but I have been able to watch highlights by entering as the URL:


And we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Rocco for his dedicated posting of the Papal addresses throughout the trip. He selects some of the better photos from each event and intersperses them through the text of each speech. Is someone paying him? He's a workhorse.
Here is last night's vigil at Randwick.

It's so amazing to think of all those incandescent lights in the heavens reflected below in the twinkling candles across the racecourse and the sparkle in each pilgrim's heart and smile. We here in the North can also contemplate the stellar cross that intersects Deneb while our friends Down Under contemplate the Southern Cross. It's as though God in his ineffable providence sought to make his sign appear visible no matter where you were looking out from the Earth.

I've also thought how great it is to see, at the name of Christ, every nation on earth bending its knee. Because pretty much every flag was visible in those crowds of pilgrims, and they're all there together to worship Christ with the Holy Father. So these World Youth Days are actually the closest the human race has ever been to fulfilling the words of Scripture. Oh, if only the Evangelicals were watching this...

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