Abortion & Slavery

I found an article from the CERC with the following excerpt:

It is fascinating to read over texts circulated in the middle of the 19th century in defense of the practice of slavery. When we look back at how revered politicians, intellectuals, and churchmen could seriously defend a practice that now seems so patently barbaric, we cannot help feeling a twinge of moral superiority. Yet their arguments bear an uncanny resemblance to those now used to defend abortion, almost as if pro-choicers had been using these tracts as fodder for their own rhetoric. From Nancy Pelosi's "historical argument" ("Slavery was practiced in the greatest civilizations") to Joe Biden's "personally opposed" argument ("No one is forcing you to own slaves, just to respect those who do"), all the way to the feminists' "woman has a right to her own body" argument ("Slaves have been bought and paid for and no one has the right to touch another's property") to Obama's "We don't know when life begins" argument ("We're not sure whether black people have souls"), it is truly déjà vu all over again.

The more serious problem for Joe Biden at this point is not the loss of his credibility as a Catholic, but as a person of conscience. When you say on national television that you agree with your Church that abortion is murder, but that you intend to support legislation that keeps abortion fully available, you leave voters wondering why you would support a right to what you consider to be murder.

Slavery did not cease being inhumane simply because it was legal. The exact same is true for Abortion. It's not right for all the same reasons that Slavery is not right: it takes away a person's innate dignity, it treats another person as property, it violates the Constitution.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi routinely impose their moral beliefs on others when they legislate against rape, domestic violence, torture, and virtually any decision they have ever upheld on moral grounds. Yet this crime of Abortion, which combines rape, domestic violence, and torture in one heinous act, does not merit their opposition.

The Roe decision rested on the premise that children in the womb are the property of their mother and may be disposed of according to her whim. It made the act of childbirth a political act; woman's independence is vindicated when she has the freedom to end her child's life. Yet pregnancy in women does not happen independently of a man. There is nothing about fetal development that lends itself to the notion of control. Women exert control over their hormones, their menstruation, and their pregnancies at the expense of their own selves (and the rest of society). They diminish their own integrity, compromise their health, and violate the rights of the human being developing inside of them, whether in their fallopian tube or uterus.

In spite of decades of such supposed vindication, crimes against women have increased, self esteem in young women has decreased, and there are still unwanted children. Access to "reproductive health services" has not made women more free; it has introduced a new type of post-partum depression in both women and men. They have become objects for men to fetish instead of nurturers to cherish. Increasingly more women are being sold into slavery than ever before. Which came first: porn or abortion?

So we come full circle: women and children are both being enslaved by Abortion. The terms are truly synoymous. Abortion = Slavery. As the Good Pope says, Sin is not Freedom.

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