Dorothy Day's feminism

Vivificat presents an excerpt that proves Day's membership in a distinguished rank of women who have opposed a woman's right to choose murder: Susan B. Anthony, Dorothy Day, and Sarah Palin.

The Daily Show coyly snared more than one person at the Convention with this "logic": if Bristol Palin was able to decide whether she wants to keep her child, what entitles her mother to legislatively prevent other young women from having the freedom to make that decision, or choice?

Bristol and her boyfriend fortunately chose to make the just decision, the right decision, not because they could opt otherwise but in spite of its being legal to opt otherwise. Just because something's legal doesn't make it right. Hence, why Roe needs to be reversed. We need to declare that children are not the property of their mother. It's a new level of suffrage for those without a voice.

Be a voice for the Voiceless. Join 40 Days for Life in a campaign to pray and fast for an end to abortion!

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